Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sweet 16

Title: Sweet 16
Author: Kate Brian
Rating: 4/5
Summary: Teagan Phillips's sweet sixteen is the event of the season. Other parties have been chill, sure, but no one at Rosewood Prep throws a bash as extravagant, exclusive, or over-the-top expensive as Teagan. No one is as obnoxious, either. But that doesn't stop everyone from wanting to see and be seen at her birthday.
Luckily, Teagan's in for a rude (and rather ungraceful) awakening. On the big night she falls stilettos-over-tiara into the country club wine cellar and blacks out. When she comes to, there is a strange woman standing at the foot of the stairs.
No, Teagan, this mystery woman is not one of "the help." She is here to take you on a ride, to bring you back through time and show you some very unpretty realities. And if you're lucky, she just might put the sweet back in sixteen....
My Thoughts:A lot of times, we don't realize what we have or appreciate what we have until it is too late. Teagan seems to be that person. Taking advantage of people, only caring about her looks, not realizing who her real friends are, and of course, wanting to have the best sweet 16 her school has ever seen. The biggest day of her life doesn't seem to go the way she has planned, especially after she falls down a flight of stairs (and nobody realizes/cares she's gone) and is taken by a ghost through her past, present, and future experience. Through what she sees, she's able to analyze things/see things with different eyes. She starts to see how she has lived her life and what really matters. She is given a second chance in life, but will she take it? read and you'll find out :-)

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