About Me

Why I Blog:
I started this blog during finals week. I needed something to take my mind off of all the studying  so I decided to voice my take on all the books I've read. So far, this experience has been great. I love all the suggestions I've received via email; it has widened my perspective on different YA genres. I love books of all kinds, but at the moment I'm loving YA.
Quick Facts About Me:
  • I love all colors, except for orange.
  • I am a huge procastinator, and it has worked best for me so far.
  • I have double jointed fingers.
  • I am a Glee-Pretty Little Liars-The Vampire Diaries-The Secret Circle-Grey's Anatomy-The Lying Game-Jane by Design-Gossip Girl addict.
  • I enjoy series vs. standalone novels.
  • Coke vs. Pepsi? Definitely Coke. 
  • I could never give up frappachinos or coolattas, I live on them.
  • I never get nervous. Never.Ever.
  • I hate picking favorite foods (sweet or salty), movies (Romance, Comedy), music (pop), and books(YA) because there are just too many to name.
  • I'm team Jacob only because of his abs.
  • I have awful handwriting, which is why everything I submit is usually typed.
  • I once saved a 2 goldfish from dying after they had fallen onto the floor.
  • I'm not sporty, at all, yet I'm on the soccer team.
  • I love fruits, hate veggies.
  • I like shopping. Alot. 'Course living 2 minutes away from the mall helps :)
  • I'd call my self a preppy diva, because I'm a mix of both and I dont fit into any other category.
  • I belive in global warming, but I've done nothing to help.
  • I'm full of contradictions. I'm a math person, but I hate Geometry. I don't like English class, but I love reading and I'm writing this blog about books. 
  • I'm short (5" 4 and 3/4), and I still drink a glass of milk a day just in case it might help me grow taller.
I think that covers everything, if you want to know more about me, email me at supercalifragiliciousreads@yahoo.com 

Oh, and in case you didn't realize I'm girl. :)