Friday, June 10, 2011

Love Story

Title: Love Story
Author: Jennifer Echols
Rating: 3.5/5

For Erin Blackwell, majoring in creative writing at the New York City college of her dreams is more than a chance to fulfill her ambitions--it's her ticket away from the tragic memories that shadow her family's racehorse farm in Kentucky. But when she refuses to major in business and take over the farm herself someday, her grandmother gives Erin's college tuition and promised inheritance to their maddeningly handsome stable boy, Hunter Allen. Now Erin has to win an internship and work late nights at a coffee shop to make her own dreams a reality. She should despise Hunter . . . so why does he sneak into her thoughts as the hero of her latest writing assignment? 

Then, on the day she's sharing that assignment with her class, Hunter walks in. He's joining her class. And after he reads about himself in her story, her private fantasies about him must be painfully clear. She only hopes to persuade him not to reveal her secret to everyone else. But Hunter devises his own creative revenge, writing sexy stories that drive the whole class wild with curiosity and fill Erin's heart with longing. Now she's not just imagining what might have been. She's writing a whole new ending for her romance with Hunter . . . except this story could come true.

My Thoughts: I absolutely love Jennifer Echol's books. I've read all of them, and none have disappointed. Love Story is an exception.  Jennifer usually takes the non-conventional route, making books a bit more heartfelt. However, what has worked in all of her other books, failed in this one. The plot was original, which is what caught my eye. Erin Blackwell lives with her grandmother, a horse race farm owner. After she decides to major in English at NYU, her grandmother disowns her, leaving Erin homeless. She decides to continue her major, while working in several stores to earn money for her tuition, dorm, and food. She’s doing the best she can to get an internship in a publishing company. Everything is going well, or as good as they can get, until Hunter Harris walks into her creative writing class and makes a chaos of her life. Hunter is Erin's past, he was employed by his father to work in the stables on Erin's grandmother's farm However, Hunter is not the poor boy Erin knew, after being disowned by her grandmother,  Erin finds out that the tuition money that was supposed to be for her to major in Business, is now her grandma’s gift to Hunter.  Now that he’s at the same college and even in the same class, everything it’s just going to be worse. The whole idea and the plot was unique. It had a great subtle “gasping in surprise” ending, but I just couldn’t connect to the characters. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. I did enjoy the book. If you’re looking for something light and fast and cute and you love horses, you may like this. 

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