Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Hollow (The Hollow #1)

The Hollow (The Hollow, #1)Title: The Hollow (The Hollow #1)
Author: Jessica Verday
Rating: 3/5
Summary: I watched out and touched the casket lid. It was cold. So cold that I immediately snatched my hand away. It almost felt like it had burned me.I just stood there. I couldn't bring myself to say anything... not out loud, at least. But a thousand thoughts raged inside my head, while a thousand feelings raged inside my heart. The weather mimicked my emotions. A fierce wind rattled by, howling in outrage. The edges of the plastic awning flapped angrily against the aluminum poles holding it up and made a horrible ringing sound. Even the rain pounded harder, lashing out its bitterness.
And that was when I felt someone watching me.
My ThoughtsI was so unimpressed by this one. It was just so... empty. It was five hundred pages but really could have been condensed down to a short story. I could not identify with or bring myself to like Abbey. She seemed to think she was clever and witty but she just sounded foolish most of the time. The dialogue was forced and flat. A lot of the book consists of Abbey going to bed, taking a nap, complaining about getting out of bed or talking about how she'd like to go back to bed- seriously, she takes a nap every twenty pages or so. It was so dull! I really wasn't feeling the 'relationship' between Abbey and Caspian. He had no real personality and I couldn't figure out what either or them saw in each other. There was literally nothing happening (except Abbey sleeping, eating, going to school) until about the last thirty pages. Overall, it was really void of substance and I'm puzzled about how anyone could find this book compelling.

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