Saturday, July 2, 2011

Damned (Crusade #2)

Title: Damned (Crusade #2)
Author: Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie
SummaryThere is a fine line between love and sacrifice….
Antonio would do anything for his beloved fighting partner Jenn. He protects her, even suppresses his vampire cravings to be with her. Together, they defend humanity against the Cursed Ones. But tensions threaten to fracture their hunting team and his loyalty—his love—is called into question.
Jenn, the newly appointed Hunter, aches for revenge against the Cursed One who converted her sister. And with an even more sinister power on the rise, she must overcome her personal vendettas to lead her team into battle.
Antonio and Jenn need each other to survive, but evil lurks at every turn. With humanity’s fate hanging in the balance, they must face down the darkness…or die trying.
My Thoughts:  First, I'd like to talk about the cover. Is that a hunkadunk or WHAT? I am officially in love with Antonio (no matter what he did this book, his looks make it forgivable :P).  The book is filled with action, and heartbreaking sighs. I felt really bad for Jenn in this book. EXTREMELY bad. She has to go through so much emotional baggage, that's weighing her down, and the team is trying to do everything they can to help her, but personally, I think she just needs a break. When the team goes on trips to defend humanity and kill vampires, all of which are supposed to be surprise attacks, and realize someone is leaking information to the Cursed Ones, they began to point fingers at each other. It boils down to the point where most of them do not trust one another. After a an endless path of twist and turns, the book ends on a cliffhanger! This book was definitely not a short read, it was action packed and I cannot wait for the next one!

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